Hashed Out

Technical discussion, random musings, and the occasional bad pun.

JavaScript Concepts: Hoisting Around

When you are getting started with JavaScript, you may have heard of the term hoisting before. Hoisting, to put it simply, is when variable declarations in a piece of code are brought up to the top of your code. Not literally of course, because that would actually be magic.

Code Challenge: Remove Empty Fields from a JSON Object

At the beginning of this weekend I was sent another coding challenge to prove that I can actually code as well (or better) as I claim I can. This coding challenge was for an entry level software developer position at a social media marketing platform.

Technical Interview: Post Game Report (5 ways to reverse a string in JS)

I recently had a series of 4 in-person interviews for a Mobile Web Engineer position at the Dow Jones, specifically on the Wall Street Journal team. I had the luxury of tackling my technical interview first out a series of 4 consecutive (3 mostly cultural, 1 technical) interviews with the wonderful people who make the magic happen at the Wall Street Journal.

My journey into Node, Express, GraphQL and Relay

I was recently sent a code challenge to build out an app where I create a Node/Express backend with GraphQL, & an interface of my choice and have that be my API endpoint for my React frontend. This blog post will go into detail on how I approached it and what some of the struggles were in implementing them.

Final Project: Airbrb - An Airbnb Clone made in React, Redux, and Rails

For my final project I decided to create an airbnb clone to showcase all of the knowledge I have made so far in the 8 months I have spent here at Flatiron.